2013 - Special WYSL Awards


Sid Ings - Larchmont Soccer Club:

Sid has been devoted to Westchester youth soccer for over 30 years, serving in capacities ranging from league referee to community advocate to Larchmont club president. But his favorite role is on the field serving as coach. Since arriving from the UK in 1982, he has coached NINE soccer teams: two rec teams, six travel teams, as well as the Mamaroneck High School Girls’ JV team. Sid has coached almost 1000 soccer players in his fantastic career.

His current team the GU-15 Larchmont Pumas are a typical Sid Ings success story. In six years the team has won six division Championships and over one dozen tournaments. Sid instills not only a winning attitude, but also a love of the beautiful game in his players. 100% of the team, currently freshman and sophomores, played high school soccer in the fall of 2013. Six played varsity (at Mamaroneck, Rye Neck, Rye Country Day, Holy Child, and FASNY), while twelve played JV.

Sid’s commitment to his own soccer skill is outstanding, including decades of professional development that keeps his training and results at the highest level. The results extend beyond the Pumas. For example, in the last two seasons Sid coached the MHS JV girls to a record of 27 wins, two draws, and three losses.

While results on the field are of great importance, Sid excels at professionalism, sportsmanship, and citizenship, and more importantly he imparts it to his players.


Ron Rubin - West Side Soccer Club:

West Side Red Bullls G2000 West- Girls

Division G14-3 Coaching WYSL Travel Since Fall 2012

For many years Ron coached recreational soccer with West Side Soccer.  During that time, he rose from being certified as an AYSO Coach to being an AYSO Instructor.  During that time, he coached his daughters' two Rec teams each Fall and Spring season, and each season his teams imporved because Ron spent as much time with his lower level players as he did with his star players. Ron knew that the weakest player was just as important as the stronges if his eams were to succeed on the field.

When West Side Soccer started its travel program in Spring 2012 Ron immediately volunteered to coach a Girls 13 team., which was comprised of a group of athletic girls who lacked the fundamental skills needed to succed in travel soccer. The girls started that Fall season in Division 3. Then they played during the Winter, indoor tournaments and Futsal.  The next season they re-seeded to a lower division and were undeafeated. They also won first place for Sportsmanship.

The following Fall, the girls returned to Divsion 3 and continue to improve.

Whether it's facing the intense competition of Travel Soccer or enjoying the feeling of giving back to the soccer community, Ron Rubin is there to guide our kids onto the right path.


Margarida Ferraira - Scarsdale Independence

Hannah Guttenberg - Edgemont Fire


Matthew Copland

Nasya Sandy


Cesar Aliaga - Port Chester Soccer Club

Cesar Aliaga is a native of Huancayo - Peru came to Toronto-Canada in 1979, and then he moved to USA in 1980, he graduated from the Mercy College, and later went to graduate school at New York Medical College - Valhalla NY and obtained his degree in Biochemistry. He worked as a scientist for the American Health Foundation and later called Institute for Cancer Prevention.

Cesar is currently working as an Assistant Professor for Penn State University-College of Medicine in Hershey, PA.

During his school years, He has worked and study at the same time to solve his expenses; he had played soccer for most of his life; he volunteered in different town events but his devotions will always be in the soccer field. In 1982, he founded Club Atletico Tumi and serve as the president for 16 years. He joined the Eastern District League the same year. He also served as a board member for the EDSL for 6 years.
In 1993, because of the explosion in the Latino population in the area that Cesar feels the need to organize soccer. He founded The Port Chester Amateur Soccer League and served as the Chairman since. This summer league had up to 18 teams at one point, hosting more than 300 players. PSCL is now a sub-division of the EDSL

In 2004, the weekend battles took a toll on the field and efforts by the players to restore it were futile. Before the Village took the field away, Cesar and players tried to fix it themselves. Besides cleaning the mess left on the field after games. League members and volunteers level, seed and add topsoil to the playing field in preparation for the games.  Members of the league had poured $15,000 of their own money into trying to salvage the field. Finally Cesar worked very in helping to get a grant to build a new turf field. In 2004 when the New Columbus Park Turf field was open to the public, this was a dream come true for Cesar as he sees his efforts were paying off.

In 1994, a year after the men’s league was founded; Cesar also founded the Port Chester Soccer Club, a youth soccer club, joining the Westchester Youth Soccer league. Cesar serve as the Club President from 1994-2001 and 2003-now. He also served as a Trustee for the Westchester Youth Soccer League for two periods in 2003 and 2005.

The PCSC started with two teams and now has 25 teams ranging from U8 to U17. The PCSC under his direction organizes two big tournaments. In late March, Pre-Season Tournament hosts close to a 100 teams in three venues. During Labor Day weekend, Independence Cup - an International event hosting teams from South and Central America. This year was the IX edition in two venues. Cesar is also very proud to announce that two young players are now part of the US National teams. BU15 and BU20

This year in recognition of his efforts, Cesar received a Proclamation from the Village of Port Chester, naming August 30th as the Cesar Aliaga’s Day.

Cesar is also providing volunteer service since 1994 as the Soccer Program Director for Recreation Department in Port Chester.

Cesar lived in Port Chester for 21 years.  He married Ivone Aliaga in 1996 and later moved to Carmel, NY where he lives now with his two children John Caesar (12) and Jennie Belle (7) both playing soccer at local leagues.

Cesar has been recognized and rewarded for his efforts by the Westchester County in 2009. He appeared in several news media. His passion for soccer, his constant efforts for improvement and charisma is what drives him to do more for the sport he loves.

One kid at a time.



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