Have you thought about becoming a USSF certified soccer referee?


We are offering a number of courses this summer. Those who pass will be USSF certified referees. This could be a good opportunity for you to learn a new skill, develop your leadership and confidence and make some really good money!! (Starting referee fees are $31 for a 48-minute U8 game.)


New entry level course listings are now posted on:



Have you thought about becoming a USSF certified soccer referee?


Entry level courses are currently being offered as follows:


Grade 8 courses are in Larchmont (August 17-19) and in Spanish in New Rochelle (July 25).


Grade 9 courses (daytime) are in Larchmont (August 13 and 19) and Pelham (September 1).


Registration is through:


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There are two entry level courses to choose from, Grade 8 and Grade 9.


The Grade 9 course (nothing to do with grades in school) is a lower-level course generally attended by teenagers. It consists of six hours of classroom work.   Upon completion of this course, you may referee WYSL travel games but only up through the U-14 age bracket (generally starting progressively from U8 up through U12).


There is no minimum age limit for the class attendee; however, referees must be a minimum 14 years of age to officiate WYSL travel games except that, starting Fall 2015, 13-year-olds may referee U8 games. Younger referees may work games in some of our clubs' recreation leagues. If one takes the Grade 9 course, he/she may later upgrade to Grade 8.


The Grade 8 course is more comprehensive and consists of 10 to 11 hours in class, generally given over three weekday evenings or a weekend. Grade 8 referees may officiate all youth games (and, depending on their background, age and skills, they may be able to progress more quickly from the younger age groups. One should be 15 years of age to take this course.


Everyone (Grade 8 and Grade 9) starts with the Entry Level online module, which consists of the 17 Laws of the Game. After successfully completing each of the Laws, the student is ready to move on to the classroom portion of the course.


Upon attending a course, the student receives a uniform package consisting of 2 shirts, shorts, stockings, whistle, line flags, yellow/red card wallet and a carrying bag, all included in the fee.


The fee, $175 for Grade 9 and $200 for Grade 8, also includes USSF registration for 2015 and 2016 as well as WSRO dues for those years, an on-field mentoring session, and Risk Management (including liability insurance). The WYSL is currently upgrading its current fee reimbursement program so that new referees who work a minimum number of WYSL games in a season will receive incentive payments (on top of their regular referee fees) such that, over the course of a few seasons, incentive payments will cover the course fees.


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