Coach of the Year Nominations

As we all know, having great coaches makes a huge difference in building kids character and soccer skills. To encourage coaches to excel, every year the WYSL presents an award to top coaches in the league by having the WYSL Coach of the Year Award

The WYSL Coach of the Year program is designed to recognize top coaches throughout the league in both our girls and boys programs. These coaches are committed to continued education and leadership to give back to the sport they love with the hope that they might enhance one of their player’s abilities and quality of life.

Westchester Youth Soccer League is proud to highlight these Coaches of the Year for their time and efforts in contributing and advancing Westchester's youth through the great game of soccer. By promoting effort, teamwork, discipline, fitness and fair play, these coaches are making a difference and supporting our effort of building character through soccer.

We are asking for a boy and a girl coach nominations from WYSL MEMBER CLUBS.

Your nomination of coach of the year should be based on the following criteria:                                      

Player Development

Does the coach inculcate enthusiasm, creativity, independence, self-confidence, and risk-taking?

Does the coach motivate players to learn and play to the extent of their ability?

Does the coach advance players to higher levels of competition?

Does the coach encourage players to train on their own or play in "pick-up" games?

Personal Development

Does the coach continue to learn and perfect his or her skills and abilities?

Does the coach engage in continuing education and open to ideas and learning?


Does the coach prepare developmentally-appropriate practice plans before every training session?

Does the coach communicate respectfully with players, parents, opponents, officials?

Does the coach fulfill commitments made to others?


Does the coach consistently exhibit good sportsmanship?

Does the coach promote good sportsmanship to players, parents, and supporters?

Does the coach encourage players to comprehend the link between sportsmanship and life?


Is the coach recognized beyond his/her team as a valued contributor to the welfare of the game?

Does the coach promote an awareness of full range of soccer beyond the local soccer community?

Does the coach positively influence soccer beyond his or her own team?

Please submit your nomination to Mouris Saghir:  no later than Friday November 17th, 2017.  Please include the following information with your submission:

·         Your name, email and mobile phone number

·         Coach’s name, email & mobile phone number

·         WYSL club, coach’s current team and division

·         A brief statement in support of the coach’s nomination

The winners will be selected by our Coaching Committee after considering your comments.  The Coach of the Year Awards will then be presented at our season ending gala dinner on Monday, December 11th. 


Mouris Saghir

Coaching Committee Chair

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