Coach of the Year Winners

Coach of the Year Winners

The WYSL Coach of the Year program is designed to recognize top coaches throughout the league in both our girls and boys programs. These coaches are committed to continued education and leadership to give back to the sport they love with the hope that they might enhance one of their player’s abilities and quality of life. Westchester Youth Soccer League is proud to highlight these Coaches of the Year for their time and efforts in contributing and advancing Westchester's youth through the great game of soccer. These coaches are making a difference by promoting teamwork, discipline, fitness and fair play. Additionally, they are supporting our efforts of building character and life lessons through soccer.

We would like to congratulate Timothy Lukes and Blake Derrick for winning 2015 Coach of the Year. Many different people sent in nominations for both of our Coaches.

Timothy Lukes-Rye:

“Coach Lukes is an outstanding Coach!  Whether they’re playing regular league games, outside tournaments or Chelsea Piers futbal, he inspires the girls to work harder and do the best they can with supportive words and gestures rather than yelling and put downs.  We have seen how some of the coaches of other teams behave and we are very grateful to have Tim leading our girls.  He also hosts informal kick around during the summer months to start warming up for the fall season.  He is fully invested in having the girls fulfill their potentials.  For example, he’ll put a regular defenseman in the midfield sometimes, to give them a different perspective and not limit their possibilities.  The Corinthians have gone through losing seasons and winning seasons with the same upbeat attitude and defiant spirit no matter what and a lot of that has to do with the their fearless leader.  He stepped up to head coach the Corinthians after our first player shuffle and hasn’t looked back.  This is his team and the girls are very close and protective of each other, they have grown and learned how to play a smarter game together.  Nine of the players have been together since U9, they affectionately call themselves ‘Classic Corinthians’.  Coach Lukes has fostered in them the idea that wins or lose the most important thing is to learn from their mistakes and have fun!  These girls have fun and just love to play soccer and Tim has played a big part in making that happen.”


Blake Derrick-Chappaqua:

Although Blake only began coaching this team at the beginning of this past Fall Season, he is incredibly passionate and committed to the game of soccer. He regularly inspires and motivates these boys, many of whom were losing interest in the game.  He has been tremendous in the player development and personal development aspect and most importantly, addresses each boy and their skillset individually. Throughout the season, Blake exhibited professionalism and sportsman like behavior in all of our games and is truly a wonderful role model for our boys.  Lastly, he has taken the boys to a charity event for a good cause, raising money for the RF Youth Foundation that operates out of Revolution Training in Stamford and serves the inner city youth. I cannot think of a better Coach to receive this award.  In addition, he regularly sends videos for our boys to watch and spends time after a difficult game analyzing what went well and what did not.”