Fall 2009 Double Goal Coach Awards


December 1, 2009
            WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards
            Armonk Angels, G 14-3, Paul Brooks and John Wellington
            Bedford Patriots FC, B 9-S, Vincent Kwarula and Robert Tilliss
            Fc Transylvania B2000, B 10-B, Constantin Albu and Alan Roden
            Larchmont Cougars, B 14-4, Richard Pace and Martin Brown
            Larchmont Fusion, G 12-3, William Marr, Jean-Rene Guyot and Josie Palejia-Guttmann
            New Rochelle Blast, B 15-1, Francesco Notaristefano and David Diamond
            Pleasantville Panthers ’99, G 11-5, Sean O’Neill and Leonard Balducci, Jr.
            White Plains 95 Celtics, B 14-2, Jack Gigli, Brian Murphy, and Carlos Mejia
  WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards- Honorable Mention
            Asphalt Green G99 Green, G 11-4, Didier Rouzeau and Gabrielle Brussel
            FC Somers Wildcats, G 12-2, Bob Eberts and Vincent La Rocca
            FC Transylvania Red Storm, G 9-S, Laura Burlacu and Scott Krase
            Gotham Girls Power, G 10-W, Oswaldo Palomino and Trienet del Valle
            Harrison Heatwave, G 13-4, Lauren Resnick-Coonin, David Coonin and James Howland
            JPSC Pride, G 14-1, James Cancellaro and Lisa Marie Miller-Pozniak
            Manhattan Emelec, B 9-R, Freddy Fuentes and Chris Burden
            Mt Pleasant Rockets, B 13-4, Bill Lane and Matt Lovecchio
            New Rochelle Lions, B 9-B, John Bosco Walsh and Lino Guglielmo
            Philipstown Arrows, B 13-5, Kemal Solakoglu and Peter Rundquist 
            Riverdale Lions, G 13-2, Katherine Galante and Giorgio Palmisano
            Rye Wreckers, G 12-1, Matt Dennis and James Giacopelli
            Rye Waves, G 13-1, Kevin Delane and Catherine Pacos
            Scarsdale Red Wolves, B 9-0, William Quill and Bradley Lubin
            Scarsdale Breakaway, G 13-3, Brandon Garinger and David Kaplan
         Dear Soccer Coaches:
The most prestigious award in the WYSL is the Double Goal Coach Award.  This Award is given to the coaches of teams who win their division and also win the Sportsmanship Award. Honorable Mention Awards are given to coaches whose teams win their division and ranked 2nd in Sportsmanship.
The WYSL would like to congratulate you on your team’s success last season- you were the only 23 teams out of more than 520 that earned these Awards in the Fall 2009 season. The leadership that the coaches and managers have provided was critical to your team’s successes.  To recognize your unique achievement, the WYSL will post your names on the WYSL website page “Double-Goal Coach Award - Fall 2009” and present to you the enclosed book Positive Coaching in a Nutshell by Jim Thompson, the founder of The Positive Coaching Alliance.  
We applaud your efforts and wish you continuing success in your soccer future.
Rip Fisher                                                                                                 
WYSL President                                                                                                             
         cc: Club Presidents of the above clubs