Fall 2011 Double Goal Coach Awards


          November 30, 2011
                    WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards (13)
Alba FC Dardanet, B13-6, Mateo Al-Stathi
Briarcliff Boxers, B9-G, Rick Suarez, Brad Manganello, Craig Safian, and Armando Santucci
Castleford B2000 Royal, B11-4, Juan Arenas, Mark Fischer, Peter Waxman
FC Transylvania Red Storm 02, G10-W, Laura Burlacu and Andrew Peretz
Gotham Girls Lighting, G10-0, Herbert Betancourt and Charles Brown
Greenburg Utd Albion, G9-G, Graham Smith, Steven Meltzer and Celia Smith
Larchmont Thunderbolts, G9-R, Christopher Linkas, Lisa Gennetian and Jeff Hammel
Lewisboro Warriors, B11-7, Terrence O’Brien, Leonardo Leiderman, and Marc Stolzenberg
Mamaroneck Hurricanes, B9-O, David Pereira, David Lopez and Gary Tischler
Port Chester G03-A, G9-W, Rony Barrera
Rye Brook Legends, B12-3, Moti Bitton, John Bassett, and Michael Zarkower
White Plains Sea Hawks, B12-2, Renrick Alexander and Jermaine Nelson
Yonkers Utd Rush Arsenal, B10-P, Peter Breen and John Tobin
WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards- Honorable Mention (15)
ADFH Utd B2002 Celtic, B10-B, Jason Barnett, Brendan Kirby and Robert Shapiro
Chappaqua Blizzard, G10-G, Joseph Nankof and Chris Harris
Greenburgh Gypsies, G10-R, Paul Brooks, Rosano Polvara and Melinda Ganeles
Harrison Rams, B11-3, Peter Hlushko and Andrew Glaser
Larchmont Icebergs, G11-4, John Cattau, John Margiotta and Peter Matt
Lewisboro Titans, B12-5, Steven Burke and Michael Oates
Lewisboro Night Hawks, G11-2, Benjamin McErlain, Jonathan David and Joseph Vittoria
Mamaroneck Red Devils, B13-1, Bruno Janeiro, Matthew DiCicco and Jefferey Koslowsky
New Rochelle Jedis, B12-1, Cengiz Selman, Jamal Chamariq and Anita Lopez
Pleasantville Pink Panthers, G14-3, Michael Winn and Jeremy Pouncey
Riverdale Hawks, B12-4, David Bent and Ed Feldman
Rye Brook Wolverines, B14-4, Marc Kotler, Jamie Edwards, Jeff Silverman and Clifford Simon
Rye Brook Dynamite, G13-5, Gary Jacobs, Lokesh Reddy and Michael Smith
Yonkers Utd Rush Condors, G9-B, Peter Bergen, Todd Geremia, Thomas Martyn and Brian Walsh
              Yonkers Utd Rush Phoenix, G12-5, Wendy Majdanski and Anthony O’Brien
                    Dear Soccer Coaches:
The most prestigious award in the WYSL is the Double Goal Coach Award.  This Award is given to the
coaches of teams who win their division and also win the Sportsmanship Award.   Honorable Mention Awards
are given to coaches whose teams win their division and ranked 2nd in Sportsmanship.
The WYSL would like to congratulate you on your team’s success last season- you were the only 28 teams
out of more than 575 that earned these Awards in the Fall 2011 season. The leadership that the coaches and
managers have provided was critical to your team’s successes.  To recognize your unique achievement, the
WYSL will post your names on the WYSL website page “Double-Goal Coach Award – Fall 2011” and present
to the head coach the enclosed book The Power of Double-Goal Coaching by Jim Thompson, the founder
of The Positive Coaching Alliance.  First Place winners will additionally receive Positive Coaching in a Nutshell,
also by Jim Thompson.
We applaud your efforts and wish you continuing success in your soccer future.
               Julian DiDonato
WYSL President