Spring 2013 Double Goal Coach Awards


June 25, 2013

WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards – 1st Place(10):

Castleford G2000 Gold G12-1, Robert Martin, Felisse Starker, Stephen Tortorella, & Beth Lev

Harrison Thunder G11-2, Maria Cristiano, Brian Fisher, Massimo Gargiulo & Alexandra Lyrus

Larchmont Blue Eagles G9-S, Jesse Dancy-Smith, Nicholas Barnes, Adam Deutsch & Sally Willert

Manhattan Aztecs B10-S, Brett Polow, Paul Haskel & Celeste Haskel

North Salem SC Panthers GHS-3, Thomas Kelly & Nick Putillo

Pelham Red Bulls B10-P, Andrew Emery, Steve Hartigan & James O’Driscoll

Quetzalitos Earthquakes B13-3, Bernardino Esposito

Rye Brook Arsenal B11-6, David Steinthal, David Colasante & David Shemilt

West Side Red Bulls G2000 W G13-5, Ronald Rubin, Gabriel Boyar, Marcia Osborne & Keyur Majmudar

White Plains G02 United G11-1, David Friend


WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards- Honorable Mention(14):

Asphalt Green United B14-2, Michael Ferber

FC Somers Lightning G10-W, Robert Heyde, Darrin Klayman & John Viscovich

FC Somers Lady Cougars G10-S, Maurizio Adornetto, Robert DiSiena, Christine Katsch & Eileen Farina

Manhattan Sting G10-G, Jacqueline McCormick & Emily Samuels

Mt Pleasant Galaxy GHS-4, Peter Catto, Sean Brosnan, Robert Papa & Declan Redfern

North Salem SC United B11-6, Massimo Rubini, Anthony Schembri & Robert Pawlowski

Pelham Red Devils B09-G, Mario Pegoraro & Matthew Johnson

Pleasantville Predators B11-5, Jason Dahl, Vanessa Catalano & Carlos DeJesus

Port Chester Jaguars BHS-4, Alejandro Novoa

Rivertowns Utd G2000 Revolution G13-3, Vincent Phelan, Philip Aronoff & David Villalobos

Rye Brook Cobras B09-0, Norman Scott, Tito Hennings & Maurice Poplausky

West Side Red Bulls G04W, John Neuwirth & Michelle Martin

White Plains Tuzos BHS-1, Almar Pali & Sergio Martinez

Yonkers Utd Rush Revolution B11-4, Paul Sheridan & Michael Rafferty


Dear Soccer Coaches:

The most prestigious award in the WYSL is the Double Goal Coach Award.  This Award is given to

the coaches of teams who win their division and also win the Sportsmanship Award. 


The WYSL would like to congratulate you on your team’s success last season- you were the only

10 teams out of more than 716 that earned this Award for the Spring 2013 season. The

leadership that the coaches and managers have provided was critical to your team’s successes.

To recognize your unique achievement, the WYSL will post your names on the WYSL website

page and mail under separate cover a $100 Modell’s gift card.


We applaud your efforts and wish you continuing success in your soccer future.


Honorable Mentions go to coaches whose teams win their division and ranked 2nd in Sportsmanship.

Congratulations to the 14 Honorable mention teams!
Julian DiDonato/WYSL President
cc: Club Presidents of the above clubs