Staff Registration and Background Check Management Procedures


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Coaches and staff members,


You will need to complete the background screening and Sideline Sports Doc (online Training program mandated by US Club and replacing the Concussion quiz) every two years.  If you have previously done the background check, find out from our Club Registrar when it will expire.  If 2017, do it then.


Below are the complete instructions to follow in order to complete the process.  You will not be allowed to coach, have a pass, or be on the roster as of September 11, 2017 without completing and passing the background check. 


Instructions for the mandatory Online Training Program and US Club Background Screening:


Firstly, go to this link

  1. to complete and pay via credit card ($5) the Training Program (Sideline Sports Doc) on US Club.  After completion, you will be e-mailed a certificate number, which you will need when doing the background check screening application.

Secondly, go to this link

  1. to complete and pay via credit card ($18) the background screening application.  You can check in as a “guest” rather than creating an account.
  2. You will be asked to provide your certificate number from the Training Program in order to complete the background screening.  The number must be provided in order to complete the application.
  3. You must choose “WYSL” as your “Club”  (at bottom of the Club pulldown menu).  DO NOT choose your actual club!! (If you do, you will have to do it again.)
  4. Watch your e-mails in case the background provider needs to contact you regarding any questions they might have.
  5. You will receive a confirmation when the screening has been completed.  No need to forward.
  6. You need to do it this way and in this order.  DO NOT go directly to US Club on your own.
  7. Any questions, ask your club registrar.  They can tell you if you have been marked “eligible” or not.  This process can take up to ten days. 


Lee D’Argenio/WYSL Registrar