New Athletic Fields at Croton Point Park

New Athletic Fields at Croton Point Park

August 1, 2006


Top quality athletic fields in Croton have been in hard to come by. But that has just changed for the better.  As of August 14, 2006, Croton Village will assume maintenance and administration from the County over the newly improved athletic fields at Croton Point Park. 

The County is completing a major renovation started two years ago. The Croton Point Park sports complex includes a baseball diamond and a multipurpose rectangular turf field, a generous parking area and a bathroom facility and a water fountain.  These fields are located on Croton Point Park Avenue a quarter mile east the interchange with Rt. 9/9A and 100 yards east of the overpass above and entrance into the Metro North rail yard.

The baseball diamond has a sand covered infield, full height backstop and a slightly elevated pitcher’s mound.  The turf on the outfield is new and robust.  A new water fountain is located behind the backstop.  The football-soccer-field hockey-lacrosse field is elevated for good drainage, irrigated by internal sprinklers, with embedded sockets for soccer-style goals.  Its new turf is —at present—chiefly a playground for white-tailed deer and Canada geese from the woods and waters nearby.  The multipurpose field’s dimensions are generous and adequate for scholastic scale competition.