New Field Opens at Scarsdale High School

The Scarsdale School District, the Village of Scarsdale and a local fundraising group named Fields for Kids held an opening ceremony today for the newly refurbished athletic field inside the track at Scarsdale High School.  This field, known as Butler Field after the family which donated the land to the Village, has been the principle field for the Scarsdale High School football teams for years, has been worn out and removed from service each spring due to the heavy practice and game schedules by the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman football teams. 
The field now has an all-weather Fieldturf Synthetic Turf surface, and can accommodate not just the three school football teams, but also Scarsdale High School boys and girls soccer, boys and girls lacrosse and the girls field hockey teams.  Youth soccer, football and lacrosse programs are now being allowed to play on the field on weekends when the school teams are not using it.  
The number of sporting events hosted on this field- team practices and games- is expected to triple in the coming year. 
The funding for this project came from the Scarsdale School District (25%) and Fields for Kids Inc (75%), a grassroots community organization that received donations from over 1,300 Scarsdale residents and alumni.    The Village of Scarsdale, which owns the land and leases it to the School District,  oversaw the bidding for the construction contact and supervised the construction process.
September, 2005