New Soccer Field Under Construction in Chappaqua

The Town of New Castle has awarded a contract to build a new soccer field on the Amsterdam Property, which is located on Hoag Cross Road (between Pines Bridge Road and Route 134).    The Town had issued a Request for Proposal seeking construction bids from contractors for the development of either a) one natural grass soccer field, plus parking facilities, or b) two natural grass soccer fields, plus parking facilities.   After receiving back the contractors’ proposals, the Town has decided to proceed with the construction of one field at this time.  The natural grass soccer field is expected to be under construction during the spring and summer of 2008.  
The Amsterdam Property was acquired by the Town of New Castle several years ago from the IBM Corporation, and has been the site a several potential projects including proposed athletic fields and housing facilities.   Various plans and proposals were floated and withdrawn over a several year period.  Finally, New Castle’s community leaders recognized that there was a tremendous need for additional recreational facilities, and they made a decision to proceed with this much needed facility.   Congratulations and thanks to all in the New Castle Town Government and Chappaqua soccer community who promoted this project and will see it through to completion.
March, 2008