Scarsdale Opens Two New Soccer Fields

In September 2006, the Village of Scarsdale opened two new natural grass soccer fields at the Crossway Fields complex.  These fields are located on a portion of the former Village Leaf Compost Site. 
In 2000, the Village retained Ward Associates, P.C., a Landscape Architects and Engineering firm, to conduct a study of all Scarsdale athletic fields.  The study included the current scheduling of School District, Recreation Department and youth league sports activities.  The information collected was used to create an inventory of existing athletic fields, study the current and future demand for each type of athletic field, and determine where the Village and School District could improve existing or develop new athletic fields to meet increased demand. 
The Study recommended several projects at existing fields which were implemented to create immediate improvements in field availability.  New underground drainage systems were installed at the existing Supply and Boulder Brook Lower fields which resulted in increased availability.  An additional softball diamond was installed in the corner of Boulder Brook Lower.  One diseased tree was removed from Greenacres which created enough space for an additional athletic field.  Regrading and the removal of overgrowth in the back of Quaker Ridge resulted in space for another athletic field.  A synthetic turf surface was installed inside the track at Scarsdale High School, financed by a community fundraising drive. 
Since the Village was no longer composting leaves on site, it was only using about 2 acres of the 6 acres for leaf collection and transfer each fall.  A plan was developed to reconfigure the site to add a large and a small soccer field and relocate parking.  The Crossway complex now consists of a total of five athletic fields:
Crossway #1 and #2 are large baseball fields, with a football/soccer field in the combined outfields
Crossway #3 is a Little League baseball field, with room for a small soccer field in the outfield
Crossway #4 is a large athletic field that can be used for soccer or lacrosse
Crossway #5 is a small soccer field
Congratulations and thanks to all in Scarsdale who helped develop these projects and see them through to completion. 
September, 2006