Six New East River Soccer Fields Completed at Randall's Island

In September, 2008 the New York City Parks Department and the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation opened six new soccer fields in Randall’s Island Park.  These fields are located on the southwest corner of Randall’s Island and are designated as the East River Fields.  Fields #80 and #81 are natural grass fields with irrigation systems, and fields # 82-85 are all weather synthetic turf fields. 
These fields are part of the Randall’s Island Sports Field Development Project , a project that envisions the construction and redevelopment of over 60 athletic fields over a several year period.  These fields will accommodate a variety of sports including soccer, softball, baseball, football, lacrosse, field hockey and rugby.  The planned program includes significant upgrades to the current facilities, including irrigation systems at all natural grass fields, water fountains, bike racks, picnic areas, and comfort stations.  Designated parking will be added for the first time, keeping vehicles from having to park on playing fields. 
The Manhattan Soccer Club and the Westchester Youth Soccer League both made contributions to this project. 
More information can be found at the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation website
September, 2008