Create Referee Account (Do only once!)*For certified USSF Refs only

This referee account is for refs who have taken a certifed referee course.  If you are a volunteer ref, you do not create an    account.  


CLICK HERE TO CREATE  NEW REFEREE ACCOUNT. Please only do this once!!!

You will be emailed a pin number. Please print this PIN NUMBER out, you will need this number when you sign in to enter game reports, please use this pin number...If you forget it, you may click under password that you have forgotten it and it will email you the pin number. (If you do not receive it, please check your spam mail).

Please note that in the case of two referees with similar names, such as father and son for instance, be sure to include distinguishing elements of the name so the reporting referee is able to properly identify the crew. For example, in the “Mid Name” box, place your middle initial or middle name, or Jr. or Sr.