Club Referee Coordinator Duties and Requirements


Club Referee Coordinator – Duties and Requirements


The club referee coordinator has the overall responsibility for recruiting, retaining and managing club referees (that is, referees who live in the area served generally by the primary club in the area and/or who play or coach or otherwise have some affiliation with the club).


Specific duties:

  1. Coordinate and assist the WYSL Referee Assignor with coverage for any uncovered home games (or games that should have a 3-referee crew but do not).  IMPORTANT: Only when asked by the WYSL Referee Assignor or in last minute situations when the WYSL Referee Assignor is not available, the club referee coordinator will assign referees to uncovered home games.
  2. Make recommendations to the WYSL Referee Director for improvements to the referee program.
  3. Oversee the recruitment of club referees.
  4. Coordinate with the WYSL Referee Director with respect to club referees’ education, mentoring and development. Help to make refereeing fun and desirable so those who take the course ref and those who ref continue to ref.
  5. Report successes and challenges to club referees to the WYSL Referee Director.
  6. Attend all required WSRO and WYSL meetings that pertain to rules and referees.
  7. Coordinate the club referees’ evaluation process.
  8. Coordinate club referee participation in referee courses and clinics with the WYSL Referee Director.
  9. Stay abreast of changes to the Laws of the Game and relevant WYSL rules and share this information with club referees as appropriate.
  10. Attempt to meet and get to know the club’s referees and – with younger refs – try to know their parents.
  11. Intervene as needed, especially if there is anything bordering on abuse of referees, and make sure the appropriate persons are informed. 
  12. Where possible and appropriate, help to judge referee ability and make recommendations to the WYSL Referee Director for appropriate referee placement or advancement. 

Special Knowledge & Skills

  1. Referee certification required. (If this is an issue, discuss with the WYSL Referee Director.)
  2. Ability to manage people.
  3. Ability to mediate.
  4. Ability to establish and execute plans.
  5. Ability to manage and lead meetings.
  6. Know the referee situation in your area. Know generally how the arbiter system works, know the schedule and know the fields used by the club for home games. Where possible, know the clubs’ coaches.
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