For the Spring 2014 season, the WYSL is continuing a pilot program allowing players to guest play for league games on another age-appropriate team within that club. This pilot program is meant to give clubs/teams options, flexibility and control to test and evaluate their players at different levels/teams, to fill in rosters when a team is short for a weekend, and/or to evaluate player performance prior to a transfer.

The program is generally giving more authority and responsibility to the clubs to do what is right to develop their players. We will be asking for feedback on this pilot program during the season, and if it has merit, the board will review and determine how best to proceed.

  • Eligibility


U11 and Younger

Free to share players in league games on any age-appropriate team within the same club 


U12 and Older

Free to share players in league games on any age-appropriate team within the same club so long as:


(1) the receiving team is in same age group AND in the same or higher division as the player’s team



(2) the receiving team is in an older age division than the player’s team.(Examples of permissible transfers include a player on a U12 division 2 team playing on any U13 team or a player on a JV division 2 team playing on any Varsity team.)

· Intra-club guest player(s) must come from the same age group or younger within the same club.  A player can play up a maximum of three years.  

· The form must be filled out and signed by a club official, who must e-mail or fax to the League office no later than the prior Friday 12pm.

·Intra-club guest players are handwritten at the bottom of the new game lineup sheet.  A maximum of three guest players may be added per game.  Any nonplaying rostered players must be crossed out.  The total number of players must not exceed the maximum number allowed for that age group. 

·At game check-in the coach will hand to the referee all player passes (including the guest players), the game lineup sheet and the new Intra-Club Guest Player Form (found on our website under “Forms”), and  signed off by a club official.  The referee mails the completed form along with the game  lineup sheets to the WYSL office.

·An individual player may guest play a maximum of three games per season.