Team placement will be dependent upon the number of league teams registered, normal promotion and relegation based on Spring 2019 Final Standings, team requested placement, along with other pertinent factors in the best judgment of the League Seeding Committee. Please be sure to submit your seeding request by the deadline, July 12th, for full consideration of your requests: (link to follow.)


GOT Soccer is revamping some of its features such as the seeding application, fields, club admin etc. This information and their corresponding links are coming in the next few weeks. 


They will also provide a link to a new feature called the Team Summary page where every registrar enters basic information for their F19 teams:   team name, sex/age, last season and division played, and what F19 preferred division. The Team summary page will replace the team list you normally submit to me, thus avoiding duplication.


The deadline for all registration material (team summary, seeding applications, club registration payment and fines, etc) will be Friday, July 12th


IMPORTANT:  Please encourage all of your players/parents to register themselves by creating an account, and uploading their photos (good for 2 years).  In the event that they are unable to do so, the person registering them must register as the player, creating an account for that player and input all of their correct player information i.e. address, phone, e-mail address, etc.

The following must be presented on or before Registration appointment:

  • Team List:  Prior to your appointment, e-mail me a list of your teams (sorted by age, boys first then girls, youngest to oldest, higher divisions within age group first).  Indicate which teams are new and which teams have merged or disbanded.  Don’t forget to

e-mail this list to me prior to your registration appointment; (

  • Registration Fees/Fines: Team registration fees and any outstanding forfeit fees or fines owed by your club must be paid at your registration appointment in two separate checks, made payable to WYSL.

  • Club Admin page:  Club contacts are entered online on the club field/info section of your club page.  Please supply names, cell & work phone numbers, and e-mails for the following:  President, Registrar/commissioner, field contact, referee coordinator, score reporter  (and Rec administrator if applicable). Check off  “Notify on game change” for all contacts who want email notice of game changes. Print out this page when completed and bring it with you to your appointment.  This serves as the new “Officers” form for the League.

  • Application/Seeding formsSeedings will be open for Fall 2019 are open.  DO NOT PROCEED UNLESS YOU SEE THE CURRENT SEASON!  Print out all of your seeding forms or have a summary sheet of what your teams want to present at your registration appt.  Sort them starting with boys, youngest to oldest, then girls, youngest to oldest, highest to lowest divisions. (If there is more than one team in an age group, highest division team is first.) At least two different contacts must be furnished for each team.

  • Old Passes:    Collect all passes, separate passes from rings, and return all to League office.

  • Birth Certificates:   Birth certificates (required for players who are new to the League) are to be grouped by teams in alphabetical order:  alphabetical order by team name, player last name within each team.  Teams will be gone through alphabetically by team name, A-Z.  Highlight First and Last Name, along with the birthdate.

NOTE:  The League office will not make “on demand” passes. Pass information must be submitted three (3) days in advance of pass pick-up/delivery.

Contact WYSL:
Phone: (914) 235-5110
Fax: (914) 235-5323
Office Location:
32 Elm Place, Suite 1S
Rye, New York 10580