Scheduler's Notes Fall 2018 - Preliminary Schedule Available

Fall 2018

WYSL teams,

Here are the Schedulers Notes and a link to Version 2 of the Preliminary schedule. Read all of this email first. It’s your guide. The answers to your questions are here. Then you'll know what to do with the schedule.

Note: there are 2000 of you and 1 of me. If you have read all of this and still have a question, ask!  But first, READ. I make mistakes. This is tricky detail work. I try to be clear. We appreciate that most of you are volunteers but for the sake of the kids on the field, read, review, respond, and ask if you need to.

Here is a link to the PRELIMINARY Schedule for Westchester Youth Soccer League Fall 2018 This is v2. Do NOT make plans based on this preliminary schedule. There have been hundreds of changes and there may be many more. A team dropped out. (A horrible thing to do at this point.) Two teams changed seeding positions. Some fields were pulled. Others had changed times.

Review NOW.  You need to review this schedule completely NOW.  You have only until Friday August 24th to check!!  Responses are due by the end of the day (midnight). To secure refs, the referee assignors need to start their work ASAP.

Please distribute the schedule and the attachments to your teams. The more eyes and brains looking at this schedule, the better.  

* * *

Rule change. The league changed the basic scheduling rules. Games can now start at 11am for ALL teams. U15, JV and Varsity teams can start as early as 9 am. Many clubs provided 11am field time this season. That was very helpful with scheduling early games on September 9th – the first day of Rosh Hashanah. It also helped schedule all the games (Only 1 did not fit.) and with the coach coordinations.

Data Entry This Season. All requests and all field information came from spread sheets sent by the clubs. This was a learning curve process. Many clubs were late with their spread sheets. We have to do better with the deadlines. There may be adjustments to the structure of the forms, but we expect these spread sheets to be the method for data submission in the future.

The online seeding forms were used only for seeding information.

If you put ANY field or team request information online, I did not see it and did not use it.


Here is your list.

* Check the schedule and - by Friday August 24th - email me any mistakes, problems, etc. 

There are *always* mistakes. Some of your field restrictions were extremely complicated. Get help to check. There will be changes to adjust field usage and to correct for last minute problems. If you have suggestions for better use of your fields without changing game times, tell me.

* Send responses to me by email NOW *as you see things.*  Don't wait. It's a rolling correction process.

* Do NOT send any new schedule requests no matter how important. (Coach coordination, wedding day, problem with early games, etc.) The prelim is done, it's too late.  Refer to the league rules for exceptions.  Also see the “Bullet Points.” 

* Send changes directly to me by email. Do not use the website.  Fixes are done manually. We are not using field permits or team applications requests.

* Do not send me new field or request spread sheets. Tell me what has changed. The data has been integrated with the schedule spread sheets.

* Special requests. If you made a request about a particular day and I missed it, TELL ME!  I think I got them all, but “stuff happens” when I am juggling.  Don't assume the problem can't be fixed. (I'll tell you if it is.)  Do not suffer in silence. I want to honor all specific day requests.

* Coach Coordinations. Teams with shared coaches are now nearly 52% and there are many other requests as well.  I could not accommodate some coordinations. Tell me where they are. I will fix them if I can. I want to be as good as possible but the coords won't be perfect.

Your coach may have to leave a game instantly and have barely enough time to get to the start of the next game (30, 45 minutes, within a town sometimes just 15. S/he will often not have time for a post game or pre-game talk. This is the best I can do. And traffic can frustrate any schedule.

Please arrange backup coverage for your coaches. Make sure your approved rosters will be there for game time. Assistant coaches can warm up the team, set the lineup, and possibly start the game with the coach just driving up (slowly and safely)!  Here’s a tip from an old-hand manager: if parking is a big issue on a particular field, have someone meet the coach as close as s/he can get to the field, take the coach’s car and park it while the coach takes care of the team. (Only if the coach will trust a parent with his/her car!!)

I use Google Maps.  If I haven't allowed enough time to get from whistle to whistle, tell me. But I may still say "I'm sorry". We play almost all our games between 11 and 6:30. Teams are spread over 70 miles north/south and 40 east/west. Fall has much less daylight.

Thanks to the clubs which limit the requests and give me plenty of field time. You may see many open slots in your fields. I use that open space to make the games fit and to get the coaches to their games. It is NOT wasted. Feel free to put it back in the pool for use by others.

* All general requests (prefer early, prefer late, etc.) should be 80% or better. Older teams need to play early to use the early morning field time. Division 1 teams should not have restrictions on when the players can play – commitment counts.

* Three ref teams.
The league has made a renewed commitment to getting three ref crews to all high school games and older D1 games (Varsity, JV, u15, u14-1, u13-1 boys and girls).

* The priority is: special day requests, coach coordinations, 3-ref groupings, general time requests.  I hope I handled the requests which are important for getting the teams on the field.   

* Check the fields and field restrictions. Some were very complex. I am sure I’ve made a few mistakes with start or end times. 

* Make sure all your teams are there. (It has happened.)

* Make sure all the games are there. (Ditto) Note: Many divisions have no games on 11/18 (see notes below).

* Red flag any field overlaps in the schedule.

* Home/Away Balance. The number of home and away games is pretty balanced. But some clubs with tight field space have fewer home games or lost home games. 

* Most time gaps are intentional. There are many gaps in the schedule especially with younger games to allow coaches to get from game to game or for special requests.

* Schedule Online. When the schedule is final, it will be uploaded to the league website and will be available division by division or club by club.  It will *not* be available as a spread sheet.

* Field Space. For clubs which lost home games. Please get more field time so I can adjust game times to fit the coach needs and give you your home games. Try to get 11am field time on the small sided fields. For clubs who found extra space and time and have fields “until dark,” thanks!

* Check your requests again!

** Use of unusual field time. This week is also the brief period when clubs can find "alternative" field time and teams may agree between themselves on a non-normal game date and time and get that game change to me. We said we would allow one week. I will take this type of change only until next Monday August 27th

To be clear, teams may NOT change a scheduled game time in this schedule to some other time or field within the normal playing time. This period is not to “fix” requests which someone did not submit in time. It’s to expand the available field space and for teams to experiment with other days or evenings or early mornings for young teams. 

Either team may suggest a change or decline a suggested change. This is voluntary. No team should feel pressured. We expanded the window of Sunday play but it is still very narrow - unlike the other leagues. Families like that restriction. Some coaches and organizers don't. 

 * * *

Notes / definitions:  

* Number of games
. Divisions with 5, 6, 7, 8, or 11 teams have a 10 game schedule. The 5, 7 and 11 team divisions also have TBS games to make up for the byes. There are no 12 team divisions this season.

Divisions with 9 or 10 teams have a *9* game schedule with no scheduled game on November 18.  But keep your families ready to play that day!!! It's great for makeup games.

* TBS Games. All odd team divisions have TBS games added to make up for the byes.
TBS games MUST be played during the season.  They are not optional. Schedule them like a make up game with your opponent. By the end of September, set a date/time/field for your TBS games. They can be played anytime before the end of the season. Play them early. It’s not a good idea to use up your “free day” on November 18th. Save that for make up games.

* TBA Games. There is one "TBA" game when neither team had enough field space. There may be others if fields space is lost. TBA games must be played during the season. Arrange them as a  make up game.


* “U8” teams:   Several divisions of u8 teams are playing 7v7 and are listed and play in the lower divisions of u9.  They will play 50 minute games with small sided goals (7x21 or 6.5 x 18.5) on smaller fields (if available) along with the u9 and u10 teams.

There are two divisions of Rec+ u8 teams (included in the schedule to manage the coach coordinations and field usage). They have normally scheduled game times but will play in a pair of side-by-side 4v4 scrimmages (squad A vs squad A, squad B vs squad B - then A vs B and B vs A.) using pop up goals and shorter time limits.

* Count. By my count, this season we have 664 league teams in 93 divisions with 3318 games including "byes".

* YOU. Only you can thoroughly check this schedule for your team and your club. Mistakes will cost you in lost time, disappointed kids, and annoyed parents. We need dozens of good eyes looking for mistakes.  It takes everyone checking to make the league work well. 

Thanks!! for reading all the way to here and thanks for your help!

Terry Benson
WYSL Scheduler    

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