Scheduling Bullet Points

All regularly scheduled league games are Sunday. 

All games play as scheduled except for field pulls, forfeits, and permitted postponements (cf and full rules).

    Teams may not agree to postpone a game on their own for any reason. Only the league or the ref may do so.

Earliest start times: HS: 9am;  U14: 11 am; U13: 11:30 am; U12 to U8: 12 pm. Latest start 5pm.

Some divisions with 9 games will have no scheduled game on the last weekend of the season.

Teams are expected to be available on all league Sundays for the entire time their age group can play.


The scheduler will prioritize and honor specific day or general time requests as possible. Games may be

   coordinated only for the sole head coach of two teams. (Not assistants, co-head coaches, trainers, club officials)

Teams should anticipate major schedule conflicts and make a special request sent to the scheduler at least

   one month before the season. No requests after the Preliminary Schedule is published.


Permitted postponements are: field pulls, *away* cup games, college showcase, if 4 or more players have a   

   conflict with an ODP event, a school event, a religious holiday, or a religious service (not party).  

Games are *not* changed or postponed because a team is missing players or coaches.

League games are *not* postponed for *home* cup games.  The cup game must be scheduled by the home team

   on Saturday or when it will not conflict with the league game.  Only *away* cup games permit a postponement.

Requests for postponements require 10 days notice unless not possible. Use Special Game Change Request Form.

● Appeals regarding postponements/forfeits must be sent by the club president to the WYSL Appeals Committee.


● Team & club contacts listed on the team & club pages will get emails if “Notify on Game Change” is checked off.

TBS games are added to divisions which have an *odd* number of teams - to make up for the byes.

Date/time/field of TBS games must be played by the last Sunday and must be set before week 3 or the away team

    will become the home team to set the game. If not set by week 6, both teams will forfeit.

For TBA and TBS games, teams try to work out a mutually acceptable time.   If they can’t, the home team

   provides two reasonable Saturday dates and the visiting team will select between them.  Games postponed near

   the end of the season without enough dates to reschedule may be deemed by the league as GNP game not played. 

For ref coverage, notice must be via fax or email at least 4 days before the game. Use the Make Up Game form.

TBA and TBS games can be played whenever the teams agree but - once set - are like regular league scheduled

    games. They do not change except for field pulls and permitted postponements. 


If a field is pulled, the game is postponed but teams should try to find a field and play.

Late field pulls – after COB Friday - will not have league notice or league help!! Keep the ref assignor and   

   home ref coordinator informed.  Call the opponent or get confirmation that they know. (An email is not enough.) 

If a team notifies its opponent of a forfeit or field pull, neither team need appear if an email went to the League  

   Registrar, Scheduler and ref assignor (  The home team must post someone at the field

   unless the ref(s) and opponent have  confirmed notice of the cancellation.  $50 fine for non-compliance. 

In bad weather, teams must appear unless notified of a field pull. 30 minute delay after the last thunder or

   lightning. Games postponed after the start the second half are treated as complete and are not rescheduled.

For postponed U10, 9, 8 games – teams may schedule an official game, a friendly or no game. 

HS boys games must have an officially assigned ref to play. U14 boys need agreement of both teams to play

   with a volunteer ref.  All other age groups may use a volunteer(s).


Forfeits - $100 fine.  Forfeits in advance (by Wednesday) - $50.

Forfeit to attend a tournament without League approval, $500 minimum fine.

Other forfeits: both teams fail to appear without notice to the league and ref assignor, field not ready, teams

   with fewer than the minimum number of players, fan behavior, ineligible player or coach, and other violations

   as determined by the board.  $100 minimum fine  plus other sanctions as determined by the board.          

Rev Apr 2017

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