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             December 2, 2015


WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards – 1st Place(13):


Eastchester Arsenal (B08-W),  Ezron Austin

Pelham Nifty Lions (B10-O), Sylvan Haseley

Larchmont Yellow Lightning (B10-P), Kyle de Lasa

Valhalla Vikings 05 Maroon (B10-M), Sandro Prosperino

Rivertowns Utd B05 T-Legends (B11-6), Fergus O’Sullivan

White Plains Porto Red (B11-8), Orazio Gigli

Pleasantville Panthers 04 (B12-5), James Challice

Pelham United (B13-6), Clayton Bushong

Port Chester Lions (B14-1), Alfredo Jaime

New York Rush Patriots G05 West (G11-3), Caitlin Hoffer

North Salem Blue Rockets (G11-6), Sandra Tica

Asphalt Green Legends (G12-1), Anthony Sepe

Harrison Wildcats (G12-2), Peter Coughlan


        WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards- Honorable Mention(21):


   Manhattan Barcelona (B08-R), Neri Amaducci

  Scarsdale PSG (B09-W), Simon Baines

  Rye Mustangs (B9-G), Sara Hess

  East Ramapo FC Porto (B09-P), Frantz Faustin

  Munay Ossining B05 (B10-S), Philip Ishamael/Kristin Lynch

  Mamaroneck White Panthers (B10-O), Gregg Megaw

  North Salem Blue Tigers (B11-9), Richard Randall

  Mamaroneck Hurricanes (B12-2), Benjamin Scott

  Rivertowns Utd B04 T-River Titans (B12-4), Colin Gallagher

  Manhattan Flamengo (B13-3), Paul Nicholas

  West Side Red Bulls G07 W (G09-W), Lawton Bloom

  Yonkers Utd Rush Osprey (G09-S), Ruel Gordon

  Rivertowns Utd G05 T-Cyclones (G11-4), Michael Levine

         Pleasantville Warriors (G11-5), Salvatore Doto

          Manhattan Spirit (G12-3), Essaha Jallow

          Rye Rowdies (G12-4), Paul Broderick

          Yonkers Utd Rush Cardinals (G12-5), Ann-Marie Woodruff

          Port Chester G03A (G13-1), Freddy Lopera
          Castleford G02 Gold (G13-3), Mario Aceto

          Rye Corinthians (G13-5), Timothy Lukes

          New Rochelle Lightning Bolts (G14-1), Francesco Notaristefano






         Dear Soccer Coaches:

  The most prestigious award in the WYSL is the Double Goal Coach Award.  This Award is given to the coaches of   teams who win their division and also win the Sportsmanship Award. 

  The WYSL would like to congratulate you on your team’s success last season- you were the only 13 teams out of   705 that earned this Award for the Fall 2015 season.  The leadership that the coaches and managers have provided was critical to your team’s successes. 

We applaud your efforts and wish you continuing success in your soccer future.

Honorable Mentions go to coaches whose teams won their division and ranked 2nd in Sportsmanship.

Congratulations to the 18 Honorable Mention teams!  WYSL will post your names on the WYSL website page.

Julian DiDonato/WYSL President