Try Outs

Tryouts for the WYSL-Red Bulls Select program will commence the Monday following Labor Day weeknd.

To be offered a place in the program, players must successfully pass through 2 sets of Tryouts.

After Tryout 1, a select number of players will be invited back to Tryout 2 (final Tryout). Parents will be notified via email.

No players can pass through to Tryout 2 within first passing through Tryout 1.

At Tryout 2, the coaching staff will select the final rosters for each WYSL-Red Bulls Select team.

Rosters for each Select team will consist of 12-16 players.

Parents will be notified if their child had been successful (or not) in attaining a place in the program within 48 hours via email, and payment for the program needs to be made before the 1st practice session the following Monday (via a registration link contained in email).

There is a 1 time fee for the Tryouts, this is to ensure all players who register are serious about wanting to be part of the program.

Contact WYSL:
Phone: (914) 235-5110
Fax: (914) 235-5323
Office Location:
32 Elm Place, Suite 1S
Rye, New York 10580